Mark Forrest



Mark is a Consultant in Anaesthetics, Critical & Pre-hospital Care in the North West of England. He is the Founder and Medical Director of the Anaesthesia Trauma & Critical Care (ATACC) Faculty, which was established over 16 years ago and is now fully accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons London and the advanced level ATACC course draws candidates from all over the world, with all income reinvested into developing new educational concepts such as the world’s first 21st century immersive classroom, launched last year.

He is hugely passionate about trauma and critical care and he was a member of the DOH working party during the development of our NHS Trauma Networks. He has written numerous National courses and training packages around the latest best practice and evidence and as a CAA Crew Resource Management instructor he actively stresses the importance of high quality simulation and realism in all areas of practice.

Dr Forrest is the Pre-hospital Lead for his Trauma Network and he responds 24/7 in his area, in support of his local emergency services, providing enhanced medical care, whenever he can. He has a major interest in tactical medicine and is a keen supporter of the extended role of fire-fighters in casualty care. He is currently the Medical Director of Cheshire and Hampshire Fire & Rescue Services and for all of the North West Police Firearms and Public Order Officers, for whom he has developed training and established a robust Clinical Governance structure.

He was heavily involved with the establishment of the Mersey School of Anaesthesia, including the introduction of Human Simulation with SimMan to all of his local hospitals. He still promotes simulation for all areas of our training but openly describes his lack of enthusiasm for Sim Centres and is a firm believer in the greater value of Applied or In-situ sim.

He worked at the University Hospital Aintree for 5 years where he was involved in critical care and anaesthesia for major upper gastrointestinal surgery and complex head & neck work. He has a passionate interest in critical care transfer & aeromedical, producing several local and National courses in these disciplines (BATT & STaR), establishing the first air ambulance in the area, ECMO retrieval and supporting his development of Level 3 care in his local Cat 1 Hyperbaric Chamber, where he worked for 6 years.

He moved to a smaller Foundation Trust/Trauma Unit in Warrington nearly 10 years ago where he now works largely in Emergency & orthopaedic anaesthesia and in the 20 bedded general intensive care unit. This has allowed him to further develop ATACC, his teaching and his considerable pre-hospital care interest.

The ATACC organisation has grown into a large, unique educational resource, supporting ‘FOAM’ education, running regular International conferences and training individuals seamlessly from first aid all the way through to advanced level critical care, with a major focus on realistic simulation. These courses have now been adopted by a number of UK Emergency Services.

Mark and his International ATACC Faculty are great supporters of Social media and innovative educational methods, which move far faster than traditional teaching. In support of this, they are currently organising their next Conference ‘Decoding the Future of Anaesthesia, Trauma & Critical Care’ in Oct 2015, looking at the next 5-10 years in our specialties.

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