A call to arms

This year the the UK’s national critical care meeting is going to be different.  Bigger, brighter, and generally just shinier for 2015.

But why you should come as a trainee?  Because we‘ve designed this meeting for you (don’t tell the consultants).  We’ve planned it with substantial input from the ICS Trainee Committee, as well as from major UK social media/FOAM contributors and organisers including Rob Mac Sweeney of Critical Care ReviewsSteve Mathieu of The Bottom Line and Veerappan  of Critical Care Symposium; together with support and advice from the SMACC team (many of the State of the Art organisers will be in Chicago in June).

Check out the exciting and revamped programme.  Do you know more about point of care ultrasound than your consultant – and what technologies will your own trainees understand better than you, once you have your CCT?  In the future, will you use intravenous oxygen microparticles in your severely hypoxic patients, deploy the latest generation of synthetic blood for your transfusions, or give intravenous iron in ICU?  Do you know the latest data on how to manage the critically bleeding patient? Are outreach and early mobilisation a waste of time, or are they key interventions?  How would you design the perfect ICU?  Should we integrate palliative care into medical emergency teams?  Come to SOA 2015 and find out.  Hear Angus, Bellomo, Cuthbertson, Gattinoni, Daniels, Lichtenstein, Singer, Vieillard-Baron and many more; hear them in the main halls, or take advantage of the 150-seat Masterclass theatre to get a closer insight (grab your seat early… or go to the trainees-only session with Derek Angus)

To really make your mark on this conference, apply and present in our trainee competition, with two chances to be selected to give an oral presentation at the SOA – a national conference.  See the cauldron page for more details. Submission is now open!

We want the meeting to be more interactive than the average conference: so join in, chip in to the panel debates, use the conference app to Tweet your questions, meet the speakers for coffee or wine afterwards, and try (if you can) to dodge the pop-up flash debates in the exhibition hall.  SOA is evolving and it’s an ongoing process, so take part in the delegate survey and give us your own views about what you see: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ICSSOA2015.  Or feel free to email the programme organiser directly: ganesh.suntharalingam@nhs.net.  If we use your idea, whether in 2015, 2016 or 2017, we’ll put your name on it!  And you may win a free 3-day pass.

State of the Art, Dec 7th-9th Dec 2015.  Mark your diary, check your rotation, and book your study leave: and think about your abstract and cauldron submission (deadline Aug 6th – get it in before you rotate).

Early bird registration closes Sept 28th.