State of the Art: Full Programme

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Dear colleague

The full final programme for State of the Art 2015 is here – you will not have seen this version before, so please take a look: it’s very pretty, and has some extra details.  If you’re sold on it, registration is here.  We’ve frozen rates until Dec 4th, or you can pay on the day. 

Whether you’re coming or not, please take a look and send us your wishlist for SOA 2016 and 2017 (we’ve already started planning):  it’s your conference, above all.  You can email thoughts to, or my personal email and Twitter handle are below.

A few (nearly) final points, as we start packing up in preparation and bringing the bunting down from the attic:

  • Remember the conference is meant to give you the best possible access to the speakers.  You can take part in the debate, tweet or email them, or just walk up to them in the intervals – all the Faculty have been asked to make themselves available to delegates if approached.  Bring your burning questions 
  • We’ve added some interval pop-up sessions on a soapbox in the exhibit halls, for added interest.  There is one on the lung (including the PHARLAP study, for those interested), one on global healthcare, and on Tuesday the end of life / ICU decision-making session will break out into a podium discussion in the main hall.  Keep an eye out for them, and join in.  And we have spare stage space, so if you fancy taking on a speaker of your choice, make us a pitch and we’ll mic you up.
  • For our opening plenary Sepsis Panel, you can email or Tweet your questions in advance, to the massed minds of Derek Angus, Rinaldo Bellomo, Ron Daniels, Claudia Dos Santos, Peter Pickkers, and Tim Walsh, with Mervyn Singer chairing.  Email to, and Tweet using #asksepsis or directly to moderator Jamie Strachan at @strachanjamie.  You can see and add to what others are asking here: and (no login required to view).  The session will be fully downloadable (audio), so if your question is picked you can send your mother the MP3 and make her proud.
  • The use of mobile devices is encouraged (sound down, please).  Wifi is free and there are 10 superfast hotspots.  Do consider signing up for a Twitter account before or during the meeting: it’s quick and easy, and you will be able to Tweet questions direct from your phone at any time during the sessions.   Every session has an identified Twitter moderator (see the programme) to collect them and liaise with the Chair, and selected questions will be put to the speakers.  You can use it to network and expand your knowledge for CPD, too:  
  • Transport for London are offering free travel on Monday 7th December to anyone who has a Mastercard linked to their Apple Pay.  If you don’t know what this means, it’s probably not for you.
  • When you arrive, remember to stay on the DLR to Prince Regent, otherwise you will have to walk all the way from the wrong end of ExCeL, which is about a hundred miles long. 
  • Conferences are meant to be fun, so you will be required to enjoy the evenings.  Clear and firm instructions on how to do this are being drafted as we speak.  Failure is not an option.

Ganesh Suntharalingam