State of The Art 2016 – what’s in it for trainees?

As you may have gathered from the endless stream of hype (sorry), State of the Art has changed a lot in the last couple of years. We want to make it a more dynamic and innovative meeting, and obviously the major element of this is the content.

As you’ll see from the updated programme, we have even more of interest to trainees and next-generation consultants looking toward the future, as well as essential clinical knowledge and discussion of some of the human factors and ethical issues that will keep you up at night in the years after CCT. In addition, we’d like to highlight a couple of other features.

Firstly, we’ve been talking to our Faculty colleagues about increasing the educational value of SOA for your portfolio, and they have been very positive. The FICM Training and Assessment Committee meeting on Nov 22 will kindly review the programme and consider which sessions may be of particular value in addressing hard-to-find curriculum topics, and if chosen we will find a way to highlight these for you.

In addition we will work closely with FICM advice to make these of maximum potential use to your training: for example, we are looking into a voluntary badge-scanning system (in 2016, this will be for selected sessions only, and still tbc) so that you can provide evidence of targeted session participation. Individual e-portfolio decisions will of course remain with your supervisor, but we would like to help with the groundwork for you where we can.

Secondly, by 2017 we want to provide FICM-targeted clinical simulation, run by the well-established ATACC faculty with their dedicated mobile immersive sim environment, to cover topics highlighted by FICM and by you. The intention is not just to do standard sim on skills and emergency scenarios, but to provide focused, documentable exposure to clinical scenarios agreed with yourselves and the TAC

This will take a year to set up, but to make a start on this and involve you as trainees, there will be a platform discussion and breakout session this year (Tue 6th Dec, SOA 2016) to discuss FICM curriculum-based scenarios.

Finally, Kath Maitland, the star of FEAST, COAST and other innovative trials conducted in Africa but with worldwide relevance, is part of our programme this year but will be spending an hour exclusively with trainees at the David Bennett session, to give a very personal take on a life in science and medicine. This is also on Tue Dec 6th and is kindly funded by the Bennett family specific for your benefit, in recognition of the late David Bennett’s passion for training in his time as a leading intensivist. You can hear Derek Angus and his 2015 take on this session, here.

Click here for the Conference website, and you can go direct to registration by clicking here. One- and two-day options are available if pesky rotas get in the way.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Nish Arulkumaran
Jamie Strachan
Fiona Wallace
for the ICS Trainee Committee

Ganesh Suntharalingam
Mark Forrest
Steve Mathieu
for the SOA Committee and ATACC

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