ARDS Masterclass – Gattinoni


Charlotte Summers asks the questions and gets the answers in this ARDS masterclass with Luciano Gattinoni


VANISH Trial – Gordon


Tales of a wandering Scot: lessons learned (and not learned) for a career in intensive care – Angus

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International Sepsis Forum Round Table – Mission Accomplished?


An eclectic mix of the worlds most influential sepsis experts discuss what matters to them and you at the opening plenary for the state of the art. Featuring Mervyn Singer, Derek Angus, , ,Claudia Dos Santos, Peter Pickkers &


Integrating MET teams and palliative care – Nelson


Come on baby light my fire! Who will inspire you? – Forrest


Mark lights up the conference with his talk on how to talk!

Encephalitis: what the general intensivist needs to know – Davis

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Refractory status, autoimmune encephalopathy and long term outcomes – Hirsch

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Equity in maternity critical care: the obstetric perspective – McAuliffe

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The Cauldron: A brave new world: age isn’t just a number – Cattlin

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The Cauldron: The doctor won’t see you now! Why ICU could do without sending families out of the room during ward rounds – Lambden

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The Cauldron: Useless monitors and data overload: cardiac output monitors – Wood

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Pro-Con: ECMO; you’re doing it wrong – Gattinoni vs Fan


The New Sepsis Definition – Shankar-Hari


The EUROTHERM trial – Andrews


Mechanisms of ARDS – Summers



Who to admit to ICU – Bassford



The DESIST Trial – Walsh




Managing severe hypoxia: Intravenous oxygen microparticles – a lifeboat? – Kheir


SEPSIS Surviving sepsis: one-year survival following a decade of whole systems audit – Chikhani

Comparison of clinical sedation scores with the Responsiveness Index (RI): Analysis of routine clinical data in the development and evaluation of strategies to improve sedation practice in Intensive Care – Stirling

Acute MRI enhances prognostication in traumatic brain injury – Kane

Duration of antimicrobial therapy for bloodstream infections in critically ill patients in the United Kingdom – Hellyer

Cost-effectiveness of early parenteral versus early enteral nutrition in critically ill patients – Sadique

Big data in critical care: social and ethical issues – Cunningham-Burley

The impact of ICU environment and design – Kesecioglu

The management of anaemia in patients discharged from critical care – Lee

Planning for future highly contagious disease in a British ICU – Martin

The British military experience in Sierra Leone – Johnston

The UK landscape: epidemiology and research – Szakmany

Why some patients and not others? Learning from transcriptomics – Dos Santos

Chronic illness: prevalent and under-recognised – Angus

Thrombocytopenia in critical illness – Thachill

The slides are not available for this talk

The complex surgical abdomen in ICU: when do you re-open? – Warusavitarne

Pro-Con: ARDS definition is killing advances in the field – Mac Sweeney vs Fan


Pro-Con: Stretching the lung is not harmful (VILI doesn’t exist) – Gattinoni vs Mac Sweeney


Managing coagulation abnormalities in critical care – Thachil


Slides are not available for this talk

Pro-Con: In situ sim is the answer – Forrest


What have we learned from human factors research? – Brett


ECCOR2 / Rest – McNamee





Chronic Critical Illness: worse than malignancy? – Nelson

Lung ultrasound: the key to rapid diagnosis – Lichtenstein


Debate topics are assigned, and may not be the speaker’s own views


Lung ultrasound: why not just get a chest x-ray? – Miller


Debate topics are assigned, and may not be the speaker’s own views

Echo-directed therapy saves lives on ICU – Vieillard-Baron


Debate topics are assigned, and may not be the speaker’s own views



Cardiac Ultrasound Intensivist-delivered echo: dangerous in the wrong hands? – Price


Debate topics are assigned, and may not be the speaker’s own views

Fever in patients with sepsis: is it cool to be hot or is it hot to be cool – Bellomo


Translational research – where are we heading? – Dos Santos


The Basic Science – What do we know? – Patel


Brij Patel talks basic science in muscle wasting



Scientific background: the known unknowns? – Puthucheary


The Injured Kidney: Does it kill you? – Bellomo

aki does it kill you

Rinaldo Bellomo expands on the mortality associated with acute kidney injury

GDF-15, the MiR-542 cluster and miR-422a are associated with muscle wasting in intensive care unit acquired paresis – Paul


Molecular memories and epigenetic imprints of critical illness – Biddie


Metabolic signatures of pneumonia in critical care – Antcliffe


The stress response to critical illness: beta-blockers to the rescue? Khaliq


Brain tumours and the general ICU: who should we admit and what are the outcomes? – Jenkinson

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South Yorkshire Airway Assistant Course (SYAAC): can a dedicated regional course for nursing staff improve airway safety on the intensive care unit? – Stewart

Clinical audit of the transition from the intensive care unit to palliative care on the ward – Hayhoe

Focused echocardiography in intensive care – a completed audit cycle implementing a standardised reporting tool – Strachan

Is ECMO the Answer? A North American Perspective – Fan

Is ECMO the AnswerEddy fan on ECMO for severe hypoxia

It’s not just what you do, but when: Tempo, pace, and sepsis – Daniels


Critical Care In The Field – Johnston

critical care in the field

The Injured Kidney: Can you treat it? – Pickkers


AKI: the long-term effects – Prowle


What are the long term effects of AKI on ICU? John Prowle talks through what we know about what happens

Social Media and Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed)

someChair: Anna Bachelor

Panel: Jonathan Downham, Steve Webb, Mark Forrest, Rob MacSweeney, Adrian Wong, Steve Mathieu

Social Media Intro Video

Social Media in Critical Care: Harness the Power – Mathieu

SoMe: A Double Edged Sword – Wong

List of useful FOAM resources here

Protected: Paradigms, Dogmas and Evidence in Critical Care – Bellomo

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