Day One – Monday, December 7th

0830 – 1000
Registration, exhibition, and pre-plenary TED talks
Including: Rinaldo Bellomo, “Fever in patients with sepsis: is it cool to be hot or is it hot to be cool?”,  Mark Forrest “What lights your fire?” and John Kheir “Assessing the adequacy of oxygen delivery: can’t we do better?”
1000 – 1205 1000 Welcome to Delegates

Stephen Brett, ICS President

1005 Introduction to programme

Ganesh Suntharalingam, programme organiser

1010 Gilston lecture – Paradigms, Dogmas and Evidence in Critical Care

Rinaldo Bellomo

1045 The International Sepsis Forum Round Table: Mission accomplished in Sepsis?

Chair: Mervyn Singer

Derek AngusRinaldo BellomoRon Daniels ▪   Claudia Dos Santos ▪ Peter Pickkers ▪ Tim Walsh

1130 Social Media and Free Open Access Medical Education

Panel debate

Chair: Anna Batchelor

Jonathan Downham ▪  Mark Forrest Rob Mac SweeneySteve MathieuStephen WebbAdrian Wong

twitter @strachanjamie
1205 – 1330
Lunchtime symposium

Orion Pharma

Chair: Andrew Bentley

1205 – 1305 Appropriate Use of Alpha-2 Agonists in the Management of Pain, Agitation & Delirium in ICU

What is the UKs current experience of PAD management?

How has the USA implemented PAD management?

How can effective PAD management be implemented into current UK practice?

How dexmedetomidine can be used as part of the PAD strategy

Scott Brudney,  Carl Waldmann

Lunchtime symposium

Mitsusbishi Tanabe

Chair: Anthony Gordon

1205 – 1305

Thrombocytopenia – a different perspective on a common problem in ICU

If the sick liver HITs you

Georg Auzinger

If the circuit keeps clotting

Marlies Ostermann

1330 – 1445
The injured kidney

Chair: Barbara Philips

1330 AKI: who will get it? (biomarkers)

Lui Forni

1345 Does it kill you?

Rinaldo Bellomo

1400 Can you treat it? 

Peter Pickkers

1415 What are the longterm effects?

John Prowle

1430 Q&A

twitter @bhca
Against the clock: critical care at the sharp end

Chairs:  Steve Mathieu, Rob Mac Sweeney

1330 Learning from pre-hospital care

Mark Forrest

1350 Critical care in the field

Andy Johnston

1410 It’s not just what you do, but when: Tempo, pace, and sepsis

Ron Daniels

1430 Q&A

twitter @critdoc83
Muscle wasting in critical illness

Chairs: Ella Segaran, Tim Walsh

1335 Patient experience

Setting the scene

1340 Scientific background: the known unknowns?

Zudin Puthucheary

1355 The Basic Science – What do we know?

Brijesh Patel

1410 Translational research – where are we heading?

Claudia dos Santos

1425 Panel discussion

ARDS Masterclass

Luciano Gattinoni

ARDS over the decades:

a personal dialogue with Charlotte Summers

1445 – 1530 Tea/Coffee & Poster judging (45min
1530 – 1700
Managing severe hypoxia

1530 Intravenous oxygen microparticles – a lifeboat?

John Kheir

1550 Is ECMO the answer? A North American perspective.

Eddy Fan

1610 Can you have too much oxygen?

Peter Radermacher

Point of care ultrasound: fad, future, or current standard of care?

Chair: Adrian Wong

1530 Pro-con 1: Cardiac Ultrasound

Intensivist-delivered echo: dangerous in the wrong hands?

Susanna Price

Echo-directed therapy saves lives on ICU

Antoine Vieillard-Baron

1600 Pro-con 2: Lung Ultrasound

Lung ultrasound: why not just get a chest x-ray?

Ashley Miller

Lung ultrasound: the key to rapid diagnosis

Daniel Lichtenstein

Debate topics are assigned, 
and may not be the speaker's
own views
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Early detection of critical illness

Chair: Stephen Webb

1530 How many are we missing?  Lessons from the All-Wales size of sepsis study

Tamas Szakmany

1550 Early warning and decision-support in Birmingham

Nandan Gautam

1610 Making an impact: early intervention in AKI in London

Chris Laing

1630 The truth about lactate

Rinaldo Bellomo

twitter @nickopotamus
Renal Masterclass

Chair: Barbara Philips

Rinaldo Bellomo

Lui Forni

(capacity limit 150 )

Duration 55 min. 

1700 Drinks reception and concurrent informal sessions
Main exhibition area podium
Intensivists outside the box

Chair: Gary Masterson

Learning from the Ice Man

Peter Pickkers

What I learn from diving

Peter Radermacher

An intensivist in Fight Club

Leo Anthony Celi

Room Scotland
Trainees Pecha Kucha session

Chairs: Fiona Wallace, Kate Tizard

20 slides, 20 seconds per slide: how well can you get your point across?

twitter @bhca

Day 2 – Tuesday 8th December

0830 – 0915

Chair: Manu Shankar-Hari

Year in review: Trauma

Lt-Col Andy Johnston

Year in review: Sepsis

Tony Gordon

0915 – 1030
End of life care and treatment ceilings:

Chair: Tim Evans

0915 Integrating MET teams and palliative care

Judith Nelson

0930 Decision-making in ICU

Chris Bassford

0945 The Bioethics of DNACPR

Zoe Fritz

1000 Panel debate

Discussion to continue online / via podium sessions in main hall

Human Factors and ICU Simulation

Chair: Nandan Gautam

0915 What have we learned from human factors research?

Stephen Brett

Pro-con: how to deliver critical care simulation?

0935 In-situ sim is the answer

Mark Forrest

0955 Sim centres are the answer

Niamh Feely

Q&A/panel debate

In this pro-con, speakers will be 
presenting their own views
twitter @tomheaton88
What have we learned from Ebola?

Chair: Tim Gould

0915 The British military experience in Sierra Leone

Lt-Col Andy Johnston

0935 Managing Ebola in a European ICU

Dominic Wichmann

0955 Planning for future highly contagious disease in a British ICU

Dan Martin

10:15 Q&A

Early mobilisation workshop

Chairs: Ella Segaran

0920 Making it happen

Eddy Fan,

0935 Early rehabilitation

Carol Hodgson

0950 What’s holding us back?

Fiona Moffat

1005 Personal experience

Phil Smith

(capacity limit 150 )

1030 – 1115 Tea/Coffee & Poster judging (45 min)
1115 – 1230
Critical bleeding


Chair: Tim Walsh

1115 Managing coagulation abnormalities in critical care

Jecko Thachil

1130 Bleeding in liver disease

Julia Wendon

1155 Blood and plasma: learning from the pre-hospital setting

David Naumann

1215 Panel discussion

Persistent critical illness: the patients who just won’t get better

Chair: Mervyn Singer

1115 Chronic critical illness: prevalent and under-recognised?

Derek Angus

1130 Chronic critical illness: worse than malignancy?

Judith Nelson

1145 Genomics and metabolomics: which patients get worse?

Claudia Dos Santos

1200 The UK landscape: epidemiology and research

Tamas Szakmany

1215 Panel discussion

twitter @bhca
Critical Care and the Law

Chairs: Chris Danbury, Stephen Brett

1115 Preventing Future Deaths

Coroner Mary Hassell

1135 Consent in Critical Care

David Body

1155 The Court of Protection and DOLS

Yogi Amin

1215 Panel debate

Oral  presentations

Chair: Peter Pickkers, Jagtar Pooni

1115 The management of anaemia in patients discharged from critical care Angeline Lee

1130 Operations through the eyes of the patient: surviving the intensive care unit (ICU), ECMO and beyond Helena Bridgman

1145 Focused echocardiography in Intensive Care– a completed audit cycle implementing a standardised reporting tool Jamie Strachan

1200 Clinical audit of the transition from the intensive care unit to palliative care on the ward Sophie Hayhoe

1215 South Yorkshire Airway Assistant Course (SYAAC): can a dedicated regional course for nursing staff improve airway safety on the intensive care unit? Andrew Stewart

1245 – 1330
Lunchtime Symposium


Chair: Diederjik Gommers

1230 Ventilation Distribution measured with EIT at varying levels of Pressure Support and Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist in patients with ALI

Diderik Gommers

Lunchtime Symposium


Chair: Lui Forni

1245 Development and implementation of a streamlined regional citrate anti- coagulation haemofiltration protocol on the Aquarius CRRT platform

John Prowle

13.00 Endotoxin adsorption in Gram negative sepsis – ASSET study

Miklós Lipcsey

13:15 Perioperative tight glycemic control using an artificial endcrine pancreas with closed-loop system

Kazuhiro Hanazaki

Lunchtime Symposium


Chair: Keith Porter

Methoxyflurane – The facts

Anthony Dayan

Chris Jephcott

Critical care and social media: workshop

Chair: Anna Batchelor

Learn to use blogs, podcasts, videocasts and all about #FOAMed Quick fire tutorials followed by panel discussion

Rob Mac SweeneyAdrian WongSteve MathieuSteve WebbMark ForrestJonathan Downham

twitter @tomheaton88
1330 – 1445
ARDS 3 x 3: three experts, three controversies.

Chair: John KheirAnthone Vieillard Baron

1330 Stretching the lung is not harmful (VILI doesn’t exist) Gattinoni (pro) vs. Mac Sweeney (con)

1350 ECMO: you’re doing it wrong

Gattinoni (pro) vs. Fan (con)

1410 ARDS definition is killing advances in the field

Mac Sweeney (pro) vs. Fan (con)

1430 ARDS expert panel debate

twitter @nickopotamus
Humanising the ICU

Chair: Tim Evans

Patient Experience (video)

1330 Trauma and stress in ICU: can we make an impact?

Dorothy Wade

1350 Changing the conversation in the ICU

Judith Nelson

1410 The impact of ICU environment and design

Jozef Kesecioglu

1430 Patient experience and response

Ken Halligan


1455 Panel debate

Big data and critical care

Chair: Derek Angus

1330 Introduction: RCTS and Big Data – Future Fusion?
Derek Angus

1340 The potential and pitfalls of Big Data in critical care Nazir Lone

1355 Big Data in critical care: the ethics
Sarah Cunningham-Burley

1410 Learning from the MIMIC II database
Leo Celi



Research Free Paper Presentations

1330 Cost-effectiveness of early parenteral versus early enteral nutrition in critically ill patients

Zia Saddique
1345 Duration of antimicrobial therapy for bloodstream infections in critically ill patients in the United Kingdom

Thomas Hellyer

1400 Acute MRI enhances prognostication in traumatic brain injury

Andrew D. Kane

1415 Comparison of clinical sedation scores with the Responsiveness Index (RI): Analysis of routine clinical data in the development and evaluation of strategies to improve sedation practice in Intensive Care

Adam Stirling

1430 SEPSIS Surviving sepsis: one-year survival following a decade of whole systems audit

Marc Chikhani

1445 – 1530 Tea/Coffee & Poster judging (45 min)
pop-up session – rear hall
1530 – 1700
Learning from acute specialities

Chair: Steve Mathieu

1530 Thrombocytopaenia in critical illness

Jecko Thachil

1555 The complex surgical abdomen in ICU: when do you re-open?

Janindra Warusavitarne

1620 New UK meningitis guidelines

Duncan Wyncoll



Critical Care in the UK

Chair: Stephen Brett

1530 What makes a successful ICU?                 

John Knighton

1550 What the CQC has learned about hospitals and about ICUs                  

Ted Baker

1610 The future of small ICUs: the rematch

Jeremy Groves

1630 Panel debate

Rehabilitation and recovery

Chair: Ella Segaran

1530 The patient experience

Michael Wise

1550 Can we make a difference? YES

Tim Walsh

1610 Can we make a difference? NO

Eddy Fan

1630 Panel debate

twitter @tomheaton88
David Bennett session

Chair: Mervyn Singer

1530 ‘Tales of a wandering Scot: lessons learned (and not learned) for a career in intensive care’

Derek Angus

Trainees-only session, kindly supported by the Bennett family.

Annual members meeting
Informal meet-the-speaker sessions with refreshments

lounge area and exhibition hall

sponsored by Aerogen

Pop up stage – Emerging possibilities for therapeutic aerosols, Dr James Fink

Day 3 – Wednesday 9th December​

0800 – 0915

Chair: Jeremy Groves

0830 Delirium

Valerie Page

0850 Mechanical ventilation

Carol Hodgson

0915 – 1030
The cauldron

Chairs: Fiona Wallace, Kate Tizard

“What can ICU do without?”

0915 Useless Monitors and Data Overload: Cardiac-output monitors

Daniel Wood

0933 Human decision making

George Chapman

0951 The Doctor won’t see you now! Why ICU could do without sending families out of the room during ward rounds

Simon Lambden

1009 A brave new world: age isn’t just a number

Steph Cattlin

Critical Care outreach

Chair: Jeremy Groves

0915 Can outreach be a dangerous distraction?

Steve Brett

0935 MET teams: a global update

Rinaldo Bellomo

0955 UK practice: where are we now?

Sarah Quinton

10:45 Q&A

Neuromedical critical care (joint session with NACCS)

Chair: Gary Masterson, Ian Tweedie

0915 Refractory status, autoimmune encephalopathy and long term outcomes

Nicholas Hirsch

0935 Encephalitis: what the general intensivist needs to know

Nicholas Davis

0955 Brain tumours and the general ICU: who should we admit and what are the outcomes?

Michael Jenkinson

1015 Q&A

twitter @tomheaton88
Ultrasonic clinical masterclass

Chair: Nandan Gautam


Daniel Lichtenstein

Ashley Milller

1030 – 1115 Coffee, Poster viewing and judging (45 min)
1115 – 1230
Haemoglobin  – who needs it?

Chair: Tim Gould

1115 Transfusion in the ICU

Tim Walsh

1135 Synthetic blood is the answer

Chris Cooper

1155 Intravenous iron is the answer

Shaman Jhanji

1215 Q&A
Maternity Critical Care
OAA Joint Session

Chairs: Roshan Fernandez, Gary Masterson

1115 MBRRACE – an update for intensivists

Nuala Lucas

1145 Equity of maternity critical care – new & improved!

Audrey Quinn

1200 Why does critical care in obstetrics matter – a patient’s perspective

Bronnach Pemberton

twitter @tomheaton88
Developing non-medical careers in critical care

Chair: Anna Batchelor, Jonathan Downham

1115 The contest: emerging patterns in workforce

Anna Batchelor

1125 Critical Care Practitioners: setting up a service

Sarah Quinton

1145 Implementation of Critical Care Practitioners: the UK view

Carole Boulanger

1205 Why go into research – panel discussion

Carol Hodgson, Fiona Moffat, Hannah Reay, Jackie McRae

ICF Gold Medal award

Chair: Andrew Bentley, Paul Dark

1115 The stress response to critical illness: beta-blockers to the rescue?

Waqas Khaliq

1133 Metabolic signatures of pneumonia in critical care

David Antcliffe

1151 Molecular memories and epigenetic imprints of critical illness

Simon Biddie

1209 GDF-15, the MiR-542 cluster and miR-422a are associated with muscle wasting in Intensive Care Unit Acquired Paresis

Richard Paul

1230 – 1330
Lunchtime symposium

Asahi Kasei

Chair: Tim Walsh, Rinaldo Bellomo

Sepsis associated coagulopathy: Still common and still important

Jim Russell

Thrombomodulin alpha (ART-123) Targeting sepsis associated coagulopathy

Mark Williams

Lunchtime symposium


Chair: TBC

Managing life threatening fungal infections in the high risk ICU patient

Candida and the anti-fungals, an ICU perspective

Duncan Wyncoll

Update on candidiasis: diagnostics, therapy and resistance issues

Darius Armstrong-James



Chair: Dr Nazir Lone, Ken Baillie
1330 Gold Medal and Honorary Membership awards

1335 ICF Research Prioritisation Award presentation

1345 ECCO2R/REST James McNamee

1405 The DESIST trial Tim Walsh

1425 Who to admit to ICU Chris Bassford

1445 Mechanisms of ARDS Charlotte Summers

1505 The EUROTHERM  trial Peter Andrews

1525 New sepsis definition Manu Shankar-Hari

1545 The VANISH trial Anthony Gordon

1605 Close

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