At #ICSSOA2015 we encourage use of smart phones and use of social media throughout the conference.   It’s not just OK to do it, we really want you to join in!

Combined with restructured, more interactive sessions and an emphasis on giving you more informal face-to-face access to the speakers, it will change the way you think about conferences.

The best way to get started is to get a Twitter account


1. Follow the conversations and discussions

2. Engage with the speakers and other delegates

3. Share the links and references to all the key webpages and literature

4. Network and socialise

5. Learn, share, enjoy, repeat

 Tell me more about Social Media (SoMe)

There is a useful starter guide published by Adrian Wong & Steve Mathieu here

There is lots out there to help you on your path to discovering the world of SoMe. A very useful first step to take is to have a look at Life in the Fast Lane and the birth of  Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMcc).

Select the following links to access all our FOAMcc vodcasts , podcasts , and other useful resources . These sections will expand over time

 Twitter at #ICSSOA2015

All delegates and speakers will have the option to have their twitter ID displayed on their conference badges.  It makes it easier to spot people you have talked to, or to keep up a conversation with someone you meet – perhaps on opposite sites of a debate.

The conference app will include facilities to tweet questions to the speakers, during the session and as follow-up.  Speakers are also being encouraged to sign up, and many are already twitter users.

If you go to your profile page once you have logged on to the ICS site, you will see an option for ‘my social networks’. Please include your details here.

Twitter is the best route for instant communication and is the one you are encouraged to fill in; you also have options to inlude your Facebook and LinkedIn URLs.

You are requested to leave your twitter URL and not ID  (see the completed example).  This is a ‘feature’ of the database software and we will make the process smoother when we can.

Screenshot 2015-04-20 16.06.48

You are then given the option  to have your twitter ID included on your event badge

Screenshot 2015-04-20 16.09.55