Submissions to the Gold Medal are now closed.

The Intensive Care Foundation Research Gold Medal is awarded annually to a new investigator who has shown excellence in science relevant to intensive care practice so that their work is more widely appreciated.

A team of Chairpersons will perform judging using standard criteria. Excellence will be recognised through the quality, originality and relevance of the work combined with excellence in presentation skills.

The following five point criteria will be used to judge the presentation:

  • Spoken presentation that is clear with a good argument that leads from aims to conclusions in a logical manner.
  • Plan of work that has an evidence-supported hypothesis/rationale, sound design and appropriate use of methods, and that is both original with relevance to intensive care.
  • Accurate and sound presentation of results and conclusions with appropriate use of figures and statistics that can be justified and resolutely defended.
  • Discussion arising from questions answered clearly & constructively without evasion. Clear ideas on where these findings lead and implications for future research or practice.
  • Excellence in use of audiovisuals that enhances, and does not distract from, the findings.

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