The success of State of the Art relies on listening to you, the delegate.  We want the conference to become the definitive annual gathering and home for UK critical care, so we need you to tell us what you would like from us.

Many of the changes in 2015 (including specific speakers and sessions) are the result of delegate feedback or suggestion.  Your views will be central to how to how this conference develops further in 2016 – 17.

You can engage and be heard by:

You can also contact the Society:

This area of the website will adapt and change as we near the conference date.  This is your meeting: please take part.



Every completed survey (if name and contact supplied – optional) will be entered into a draw for your choice of either a free full 3-day pass for this year’s conference, or one year’s free ICS membership, including JICS, free personal transfer accident insurance, and Affinity discount scheme including 10% off Apple and other products.

Results of survey thus far…

Click here or on the diagram below, for the preliminary results of the survey, as presented to the conference planning committee and to the ICS council.  The data and recommendations are presented uncensored, for the sake of transparency.

The survey is ongoing and we will continue to use the results to fine-tune the meeting to your needs, in this and subsequent years.


Key changes

So far, guided by your responses to survey and direct communication, we have introduced the following:

  • Enriched speaker pool with high-profile international and national speakers and many new faces
  • A more mixed programme, with four tracks including masterclasses, pro-con debates and clinical scenarios.
  • Optional bonus sessions including year in review and informal meet the experts sessions
  • More variety in format, with shorter presentation times and more time for panel debates and audience Q&A
  • Greater use of floor microphones and electronic (app or Twitter) question submission, to broaden audience participation
  • Shared experience and learning from high-functioning practising clinicians as well as academic speakers
  • Redesigned venue plan (see below)
  • Collaborative sessions with other organisations to provide broader professional development


The increased size of the meeting, and existing contractual and financial commitments, mean that we are committed to ExCel as a 2015 venue, including ExCel’s exclusive Leith’s catering tie-in (which aggressively prohibits any form of alternative food or drink provision within the conference area).

However, working within these limits, we have plans to make the spaces more user-friendly and amenable to networking, as well as allowing innovative forms of informal presentation.   Click on the map image below to see a larger version, and tell us what you think.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 16.50.10

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